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Save and Change/Apply Setups

With Morphic you can save the setup of your computer (the important accessibility and usability settings) and then apply that setup to another computer to make it easy to use that computer. 

When you are done, you can change the computer back to the way it was.

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More About Save and Change/Apply Setups

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How it works

If you select  “Save my setup”  (a choice on the MorphicBar menu), Morphic will …

  1. capture the settings of the assistive technologies on your computer – along with a wide range of operating system settings related to usability and accessibility of your computer.  
  2. Give you a list of all the applications or features that it found, for which\it can save the settings.
  3. You can then select which applications or features you would like to have saved.
  4. Morphic will then save those (and only those) settings to a special encrypted location in your Morphic account.

Later you can chose “Change Setup” from the same menu (on another computer) and Morphic will…

  1. Get your setup
  2. Decrypt it 
  3. Apply it to the computer you are now using.
  4. When you are done – it will change the settings back to the way they were.

If you do not have an account when you select “Save my setup”, Morphic will guide you though the process of setting one up.  It is free.  It takes less than a minute.  It will then save your setup.

Which settings are saved

This is always changing as we make more settings and more assistive technologies compatible with Morphic. But a listing of the assistive technologies and settings that will work with Morphic can be found at this link: Settings and assistive technologies that work with Morphic auto-personalization.

HOWEVER, Morphic only save the settings you ask it to – and only when you ask it to. You have complete control over which settings are saved – and can delete them at any time.

Which computers you can apply your settings to

You can apply your setting to any computer that has Morphic installed on it, and that has the assistive technology or built-in features you have saved settings for. 

See also “Installation on Demand (IoD)” – another feature of Morphic that actually installs the assistive technologies you need on a computer, if they are not there — and then changes their settings to match your saved setup.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is the information Morphic saves for me shared with anyone?

Morphic has a very strict privacy policy against selling or monetizing your information.

In fact, we have set up an external Data Ethics and Privacy Council composed of privacy advocates and experts from around the world to oversee our privacy policies and practices. 

  • Morphic’s Privacy Policy
  • The Data Ethics and Privacy Council