Assistive Technology on Demand (AToD)

The introduction of AToD enables a new level of digital equity and broader participation.


-AT users can take advantage of any computer at their school, library, or workplace even if the AT they need is not on the computer.

-Institutions can offer a full range of AT in minutes without staff intervention each time to evaluate, scan, or install the AT.

-Individuals and organizations have access to wider and more affordable AT solutions.

AToD is a network solution designed to help people who need common assistive technology software on any computer, at any place, at any time.

The ground-breaking technology allows users to access AT through a browser in a Windows or Mac setting regardless of whether that AT software is fully installed on the device.

AT on Demand, which requires installation of the free Morphic software, is currently in development as a new service from the non-profit Raising the Floor.

Benefits of AT on Demand:


  • Organizations can simplify the deployment of AT by not having to install all AT on every computer in advance – yet allowing users to have the AT they need, be instantly installed  on any computer at the organization when a person needs to use it (and disappear when they are done).


  • With AT on Demand, an organization can have AT installed on virtually any internet-connected Mac or PC instantly – on demand – under IT dept control – without the need for IT staff intervention each time it is needed.


Strategic value

  • AT on Demand supports organizations in their efforts to achieve their disability inclusion/accessibility goals and expand their reach.

If the desired assistive technology is not present on a computer, AT on Demand will:

  1. Install the user’s AT (even if computer is “locked down”)
  2. Configure it with their personal settings, and
  3. Remove it when they are done.

AT on Demand is available now for testing by select universities, libraries, and other organizations serving people with disabilities. It will be released to general use in 2023. For more information, click the button below to download a handout, or email us at .

Note: The development of AT on Demand is supported in part under a National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center grant #90REGE0008 from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, Health, and Human Services. Endorsement by the funding agency should not be assumed.