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Night Mode

Your screen normally emits a lot of blue-white light. Some people feel this strains the eyes. Some feel that it makes it more difficult to calm down and sleep at night. 

Night Mode (also called Night Time or Night Shift) reduces the blue-white light and makes your screen a little more warm and yellow. It can also reduce contrast at some settings.

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How to adjust my Night Mode Settings

With both PC and Mac: 

  1. To adjust the Night Mode, right-click on the Night or Night Mode button and choose “Settings”. 
    This will direct you to the control panel where the Night Mode adjustments are located. 
  2. There you can 
      1. Adjust the strength (yellowness) of the Night Mode
      2. Set it to turn on and off at certain times of the day. 

You are done.

The Night (or Night Mode) button on the MorphicBar will now turn Night Mode on and off as you need it – at any time of day.

        Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Will Night Mode work with all apps?

Because this is applied at the video level – it will work with all applications. It will not however be visible to others when you screen share – such as with Zoom or other screen sharing programs.