Morphic for Enterprises

Morphic helps organizations build an inclusive digital environment.


Morphic, with its innovative approach to making computers easier and more accessible, helps to ensure that organizations can better serve people with disabilities, age-related limitations, or other barriers with using computers.   Whether it’s students, employees, clients, patrons, or constituents, Morphic can help organizations provide more equitable opportunities.

Morphic provides enterprises with some options to help organizations implement Morphic on all their computers

Morphic has special benefits for universities, colleges, libraries, schools, nonprofits, companies, and other organizations including allowing them to add custom buttons to their MorphicBars.  It also allows them to easily install Morphic across all their computers either manually or using standard centralized IT install tools.  This makes it easy to move from only having a few computers in limited locations, to having accessibility on all computers including those in:

  • Classrooms
  • Labs
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Career centers
  • and more

 Morphic allows enterprises to add buttons to the MorphicBar that can be configured differently, to meet a variety of needs

Morphic provides enterprises with the option to add up to 3 alternate, organization-specific buttons to the standard MorphicBar, to better serve an organization’s needs. These buttons are not restricted to accessibility or usability features, but could also include access to:

  • Frequently used programs
  • Important resources or documents
  • Critical websites and portals
  • Centrally used software, like Learning Management Systems
  • and more

“Morphic offers to a diverse group of customers a tool that caters to different individual needs. Whether our customers come into our Workforce Centers with a language barrier, have vision deficiencies, hearing loss or simply in need of assistance, Morphic is our answer. Morphic makes it easier for those with barriers to use technology confidently and independently.”

Rebecca A. Bennett, Program Director, ELEVATE, Center Manager, Prince William and Cherokee Avenue Centers

Data security and privacy are paramount to Morphic

Morphic will never track, share, or sell user data and information – for advertising, marketing, targeting, or other purposes. We only collect or use personal information to provide necessary services for the Morphic product. As a further demonstration of our commitment, Morphic has created a Privacy Policy that describes how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store user information. We look forward to demonstrating the power and simplicity of Morphic for your organization. For more information about Morphic for Enterprises or to schedule a meeting and solution presentation, email 

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