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Morphic helps organizations build an inclusive digital environment.

Many places (e.g., schools, libraries, community centers, government offices, etc.)  have computers for students, patrons, clients, or customers to use.  However, many people are unable to use the computers – and thus are excluded from accessing the computers.

Morphic helps to resolve this inequity in two ways.

First – It makes it easy to discover the accessibility features built into computers and puts them up front where they can be easily found – and used with 1-click.

Second – if individuals need assistive technologies (AT), Morphic with AT-on-Demand allows them to securely use their AT to access all the same computers at an organization that everyone else can. 

With these capabilities, Morphic provides organizations with the tools to better serve people with disabilities and age-related limitations in ways they never have before.  And it provides a practical, affordable, and safe way to provide equal access to their computers for the first time. 
Morphic’s design makes it easy for organizations to deploy Morphic to all their computers with a few simple steps.
Morphic allows universities, colleges, libraries, schools, nonprofits, companies, and other organizations to easily install Morphic across all their computers either manually or using standard centralized IT installation tools. 

This makes it easy to provide accessibility on all computers including those in:
  • Classrooms
  • Labs
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Career centers
  • and more
Organizations can add three custom buttons to the MorphicBar to meet a variety of organizational needs.
These buttons are not restricted to accessibility or usability features, but could also include access to
  • Frequently used programs
  • Important resources or documents
  • Critical websites and portals
  • Centrally used software, like Learning Management Systems
  • and more

“Morphic offers to a diverse group of customers a tool that caters to different individual needs. Whether our customers come into our Workforce Centers with a language barrier, have vision deficiencies, hearing loss or simply in need of assistance, Morphic is our answer. Morphic makes it easier for those with barriers to use technology confidently and independently.”

Rebecca A. Bennett, Program Director, ELEVATE, Center Manager, Prince William and Cherokee Avenue Centers

Data security and privacy are paramount to Morphic
Morphic will never track, share, or sell user data and information – for advertising, marketing, targeting, or any other purpose. As evidence of our commitment, Morphic has created a Privacy Policy that describes how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store user information. We have also established an external Privacy and Data Ethics Council made up of disability and privacy experts.

For more information about bringing Morphic to your organization or to schedule a virtual demonstration, email with [Morphic for Organizations] in the subject line. 
Learn more about Morphic’s AT-on-Demand capabilities.
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