A Morphic Plus subscription

Adds the ability to personalize additional computer settings and to create custom MorphicBars that make computers simpler and life easier.

Morphic Plus features enable you to build customized MorphicBars

  • For yourself
  • For friends and family you help with technology
  • For students/clients/patrons you assist
  • For staff in your organization or department

Customize MorphicBars to provide…

1-click access to:

  • Accessibility features (large text, contrast, etc.)
  • Email
  • Favorite websites
  • Video calls – 1 click calls a person
  • Video conferences – 1 click drops you into one
  • Quick assistance – 1 click to share screen
  • Frequently used/critical documents
  • Disability/student services
  • Learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard)
  • Institutional services or resources
  • Focus tools to limit distractions
  • Additional options

Take a quick peek at what a Morphic Plus subscription adds.


Older man working on a computer using Morphic's accessibility tool.

A Morphic Plus subscription allows you to set up a computer for a loved one — remotely.

Many of us have family or people in our care who get confused trying to use a computer – or won’t even consider using one. Morphic provides ultra-simple ways for them to do basic things like email, news, and stay connected to doctors, family, and friends.

A Morphic Plus subscription can help your students, clients, patrons and staff.

Whether you are working with clients or colleagues, Morphic Plus features can help support and strengthen organizational technology and infrastructure. By providing a simple way to access key resources, documents, and services, custom MorphicBars increase confidence and productivity. For those with disabilities, custom MorphicBars can also provide easy access to additional built-in accessibility features.

Photo of computer demonstrating Morphic Community set up to join a live event online

Using the online MorphicBar Customization Tool…