Morphic Plus

Enables you to personalize computer settings and destinations to make life easier.

Screenshot of the Morphic Community bar, with a number of links to services such as weather, news, gmail, amazon, call to family meeting, photos of grandkids, Screen zoom and magnifier

Increase your confidence and productivity

Morphic Plus gives you the flexibility to pick only the accessibility features you want from the Basic version of the MorphicBar.

More talking,
less setup

Morphic’s 1-click access to video chat rooms enables users to quickly enter specific chat rooms without searching for links or invites.

Photo of woman using Morphic Community's video chat feature with friends and family.
Photo of computer demonstrating Morphic Community set up to join a live event online

Build community and support others

Set up members from your favorite organization to easily access key webpages or live gatherings with 1-click so they can enjoy events they would normally attend in person.

More productive and more connected

With Morphic you can create a customized environment for your clients or users — helping them be more productive in work or school and more connected to the communities that matter most.

Photo showing woman using Morphic Community to access social media platforms that have been set up for use by a Morphic Community manager.