MorphicBar Customization

Create custom MorphicBars that make computers even simpler, especially for those unable to use the computer otherwise.

Many of us have people we assist or care for who face challenges using a computer or cannot use it at all.  MorphicBar Customization allows anyone to set up, edit, and maintain customized MorphicBars for colleagues, friends, and family – helping them easily find and use important websites, documents, and services.   Create custom MorphicBars for them – for free – and with a click of a button, send the custom MorphicBars to their computer.

After downloading Morphic, sign up for MorphicBar Customization to create free custom MorphicBars for… 

  • Yourself
  • Friends and family you help with technology
  • Students/clients/patrons you assist
  • Staff in your organization or department
The MorphicBar Customization website allows you to create custom MorphicBars with ultra-simple 1-click access to 
  • Accessibility features (large text, contrast, etc.)
  • Email
  • Important websites for you or someone else
  • Video calls – 1 click calls a person
  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet – 1 click drops you directly into a call
  • Quick assistance – 1 click to launch Quick Assist to share screen with a helper
  • Additional options and tools
Take a quick peek at what MorphicBar Customization adds.

How to use the online MorphicBar Customization Tool…

Once you create a custom MorphicBar, the MorphicBar Customization website allows you to send it to your or anyone else’s computer – wherever they are in the world.
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