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Morphic makes computers easier to use.


Meaningful use of computers is rapidly becoming a necessity for taking full advantage of today’s opportunities in education, employment, social interaction, and everyday life. Unfortunately, millions of people experience significant challenges with technologies due to disability, digital literacy, aging, or other barriers.

Morphic helps everyone find and use valuable features that simplify their computer experience.

Many features are built into computers that are not well known or are too hard to find. Morphic offers a simple solution that displays these features and makes them easy and convenient to use for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Blind woman sitting at computer cubicle, using computer, with headphones on.
man using laptop at home

Morphic benefits both individuals and the organizations that serve them.

Leading universities and colleges, public libraries, nonprofits, and workforce centers are using Morphic to enhance digital accessibility and usability for their students, faculty, staff, patrons, and clients. Assistive technology professionals rely on Morphic as an integral part of their AT resources and services.

“Morphic is a superb example of how to support an accessible and inclusive community that’s appealing to everyone. U-M students, faculty, and staff have already benefited from it. Morphic has helped to alleviate migraines, make graphic design easier, and solved a problem with cross-platform usability.”

Jane Berliss-Vincent, Assistive Tech Manager, University of Michigan

Morphic supports and accommodates people with all levels of ability.

Morphic helps to remove barriers and allow more people to better participate and benefit from improved digital experiences in their education, work, family, and personal life. Morphic also helps make environments more inclusive by giving people independent and discreet access to important computer features and programs.

Disabled computer user enjoying Morphic's accessibility features to make using a computer easier.
Older man working on a computer using Morphic's accessibility tool.

Morphic is available to anyone – and comes in several options for individuals and organizations.   

For people interested in trying Morphic, it’s easy to download and install on Windows or Mac computers, and requires no registration. For those who want to create their own custom MorphicBars, a free subscription is required. And for organizations, special MorphicBars are available specific to that institution’s needs.