Morphic makes computers easier to use.

Morphic helps you discover features in computers that make them easier to use.

Many features are built into computers that are not well known or too hard to find. Morphic exposes them and makes them easy and convenient to use.

Blind woman sitting at computer cubicle, using computer, with headphones on.
Disabled computer user enjoying Morphic's accessibility features to make using a computer easier.

For those who use assistive technology (AT), Morphic can allow you to more easily control it — and use it on different computers.

Morphic allows both your AT and accessibility settings to follow you to other computers. Morphic can also allow you to change settings instantly throughout the day as your needs change.

Custom MorphicBars add the ability to make a computer easier for a loved one.

Many of us have family or people in our care who get confused trying to use a computer – or won’t even consider using one. Custom MorphicBars, available with a Plus subscription, allow you to create ultra-simple ways for loved ones to do basic things like email, news and staying connected to doctors, family, and friends without knowing how to use a computer.

Older man working on a computer using Morphic's accessibility tool.
man using laptop at home

Morphic can make computers simpler and more efficient for everyone.   

Morphic allows anyone to make frequently used features and functions easily available. The Custom MorphicBars can also help people stay focused by removing distractions with a single click (and turning them back on when done).

Morphic Enterprise options help organizations more easily accommodate people with all levels of ability, on all their computers.

Morphic Enterprise options allow libraries, schools, companies, and others with public or shared computers to have assistive software appear on any computer when needed — and disappear when done. Morphic Enterprise options also allow employers to set up computers for new interns or employees in seconds or minutes rather than days or weeks – and with less effort and less expense.

Group of people all on computers sharing features of Morphic Plus

Morphic can take different forms to meet the needs of different people and places.

Morphic’s basic features – are free and provide 1-click access to basic features that make your computer easier to see and use (text size, magnifier, reading of any text selected, clipping content to use in reports or emails etc., increasing contrast, reducing glare, providing filters for users with colorblindness). These features don’t just work in browsers, but rather work in both browsers and almost all other software on a computer as well.

The basic features give you the ability to capture the setup of your usability and accessibility features on your computer (including the settings of any assistive technologies) and then apply them to any other computer with Morphic on it (while you are using it – and disappear when you are done).

The Morphic Plus subscription – adds the ability to create custom MorphicBars for yourself – and for other people. These MorphicBars can be edited using the MorphicBar Customization Tool which, because it is online, allows you to create, change, and maintain MorphicBars remotely, from any web browser, and have the changes appear instantly on their computer, wherever it is.

Morphic Enterprise installations – allow companies or organizations to install Morphic easily on large numbers (or all) of their computers. Enterprise installations can be modified to meet the needs and constraints of each enterprise. There is a free version that provides all of the basic benefits of Morphic along with a limited amount of  customization – and full enterprise installations that provide enhanced features, full customization, and the ability to provide on-demand assistive technologies for all computers, and more.

I’m able to be more productive at work because of Morphic’s accessibility features – they are so easy to use.

Morphic brings to light all the amazing features my computer already provides that make it easier to use but I didn’t know even existed!

Morphic has allowed me to customize the computers of several of my clients who struggle with technology – it’s been a really helpful tool!