Data Privacy Information and Policy

Privacy Summary

  • Morphic collects anonymized data on use of our product features to understand how people are using our software and services in order to improve them.
  • Morphic will never track, share, or sell user data and information – for advertising, marketing, targeting, or other purposes.
  • Morphic does not collect personal information unless you sign up for Morphic Plus.
  • Morphic is FERPA compliant.
  • Morphic has strict protocols and tools in place to prevent unauthorized access or disclosures.

Data we collect about product use and what we do with it

Morphic software collects anonymous data regarding which features are most often used. The type of data collection includes, for example, which Morphic buttons are pressed – using a machine-generated identifier – and is not linked to any personal information.
This collected data is aggregated for analysis, for use in reporting, or to help with optimizing product performance. That is, our reports are of the total usage across users, not the usage by any one individual.

For Enterprise installations:

  • If a site ID is included in the configuration file, Morphic can detect how much activity occurred at that site; everything else is anonymous.

For Morphic Plus accounts, in order to allow users to identify their preferences and sign into their accounts, we will collect the following information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number (if users opt into using it for 2 Factor authentication)
  • Preferred settings

FERPA compliance – Morphic is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for all of our student users in the K-12 and postsecondary education sectors. For more detailed information please contact the team at

Security Protections

Morphic only works with trusted third-party service and hosting providers, and requires them to have standard best-practice cloud security protections in place. If Morphic processes a user’s personal information (from Morphic Plus accounts) on our own systems or servers, there are strict protocols and tools in place to prevent unauthorized access or disclosures.

Contact Us

For other questions about our data privacy policies, please reach us at

Please note: this Data Privacy Policy governs Morphic software and services – there is a separate privacy policy specific to the Morphic website.

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