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Makes everything on the screen larger. Useful if you have trouble reading things on screen, particularly menus, toolbars, etc., or if you are making a presentation.

You can also use it to make things smaller if you have good eyesight but want a larger workspace.

Note: The number of steps larger/smaller varies between computers.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why doesn’t it get larger when I click the + button? (or smaller with – )

You may have reached the limit. Different computers have more or less ability to change their screen size. Point to the Text Size button and look at the “dots” at the bottom of the pop-up help.  If the solid white dot is at the far right (or left) of the dots, then you cannot go any further in that direction (see example below). 

Increase text size

2. I need the text to be even bigger than Text Size will go. What can I do?

Some applications let you zoom the body of the window (but not menus).

  • If that is what you need, you can try holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the key with the + sign on it. (On Mac press the Command key and the + key). 
  • You can also try holding the Ctrl (or Command) key while you use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

You can also try the Magnifier function of your computer.

  • If there are Magnifier Show/Hide buttons on your MorphicBar, click the Show button.
  • If you don’t have the Magnifier button on your MorphicBar – you can try the following keyboard shortcuts to open the Magnifier function on your computer:
    • In Windows, press the Windows logo key and the + key (Windows logo key and Esc closes it). 
    • On Mac, try Cmd and Option and 8 (which has to be enabled to work).

3. I use keyboard navigation. Is there an easier way to get to the settings panel?

Yes – the settings for all of the Morphic buttons (as well as many more) are available through the Morphic menu.  Just click on the Morphic icon on the MorphicBar and select “More settings to make your computer easier”.