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Morphic – Basic Features

Morphic makes computers easier to use and more accessible. 

Take a quick peek at Morphic’s basic features.

Morphic’s innovative features include:

  1. One-click access to key built-in accessibility and usability features
  2. A convenient menu to directly access the other accessibility/usability features
  3. The ability to have your accessibility settings travel with you to any computer (at home, work, library, school, etc.)

Text Size

The + and – buttons under Text Size enable you to either increase or decrease the size of everything on your screen – including text, pictures, buttons, etc. 


Clicking the Magnifier’s Show button will cause your own personal “magnifying glass” to pop up that will enlarge everything you point to with your mouse. You’ll never miss any “fine print” again or have trouble clicking exactly where you want to. To turn it off, simply click Hide.


Use Snip to take a picture of anything on your screen which you can then paste anywhere. Simply click on the Copy button, draw a square around what you want to copy, and let go of your mouse button. You can then paste the picture into an email, document, or anywhere.

Read Selected

Read Selected allows you to have text on screen read aloud to you.  Select any text with your mouse and then click on the play button under Read Selected.  Great for those who would like to listen to an article while doing something else or for people with low vision or any type of visual reading problem. 


Contrast makes the colors on the screen stronger and more distinct from each other by allowing you to adjust the contrast between text and its background. 


The Color button uses color filters to help people with different types of color blindness see color differences more easily (e.g., a color-coded diagram). Users can change the filters to match their type of color blindness.

Dark Mode

Dark mode changes the computer and many (but not all) of its programs from a light background with dark text to a dark background with light text.  Some people find dark mode more restful on the eyes.

Night Mode

Night Mode (also called Night Time or Night Shift) makes your screen a little more warm and yellow. Some people feel this reduces strain on the eyes and makes it easier to sleep after viewing.
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