Morphic Basic

The free version of the Morphic suite of products that puts the top-used accessibility features right at your fingertips by providing a MorphicBar with 1-click settings adjustments.

Morphic Basic provides 1-click personal settings to make your screen easier to see and hear, and transfers them to any other computer using Morphic. Available on Mac and PC.

Screenshot of Morphic Basic Text Size tool in action. The plus and minus buttons enable you to either increase of decrease text size

Text Size

The + and – buttons under Text Size enable you to either increase or decrease the size of the text and pictures on your screen. There are multiple settings you can choose from to fit your personal needs.


When you click on Show Magnifier, your own personal “magnifying glass” pops up that enlarges everything you scroll over! You’ll never miss any “fine print” again. To turn off, simply press on the Hide Magnifier.

Screenshot of Morphic Basic Magnifier too. This tool enlarges everything you scroll over while active
Screenshot of Morphic Basic Snip tool. This tool allows you to save selected parts of your screen as images.


When you click on Snip’s copy button a live crosshair cursor pops up on your screen. Simply press your mouse button and drag to draw a square around what you want to copy. Let go of your mouse button the snipped picture will be saved on your desktop.

How does the MorphicBar work?

Simply download Morphic Basic, click on the icon and The MorphicBar appears in the corner of your screen.

Screenshot of the Morphic Basic bar, with a number of links to tools such as text size, magnifier, snip, read selected, and contrast & color
Screenshot of Morphic Basic Read Selected too. This tool allows you to select text and have your computer read the selected text to you.

Read Selected

Select any text with your mouse and then click on the Read Selected play button and the computer will read it for you! Great for those who would like to listen to an article while doing something else or for people with certain types of dyslexia!

Contrast, Color, Dark & Night Modes

This multifunctional set of buttons enables you to quickly change the way the screen looks to match your needs and preferences. With one click you can change the contrast, adjust for color blindness, or turn Dark Mode or Night Mode on and off.

Screenshot of Morphic Basic Night Mode. This mode adjusts the screen for better viewing at nighttime.
Screenshot of Morphic Basic Capture and Restore tool. This tool allows you to capture you own personal settings and use them anywhere, whether at home, the office, the library, or any other computer

Capture & Restore

Transfer your personal settings (including assistive technology settings) between computers.  Capture them on one computer and then apply them instantly on other computers using Morphic.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up a user’s MorphicBar?

Whether you’re setting up Morphic for yourself or for someone else, if you know the sites you want to include, then it only takes about 15 minutes (on average) to set up a MorphicBar.

Why is Morphic free?

We want everyone to have access to computers and technology, and we are grant-funded so right now our efforts are being supported by our grants.

For the Capture and Restore feature, are my personal settings safe?

Your Morphic settings are stored in a separate “vault” in the cloud, and you alone have the key. The security of our users’ vaults is overseen by both an internal Data Privacy Officer and an external Privacy & Data Ethics Council made up of privacy and digital human rights experts/advocates. Also, we’ll never sell or share any of your data.

Your feedback is valuable to the success of this project

Our mission with Morphic is to make computers easier to use. With the input from real Morphic users, we want to improve Morphic as a tool to make computers easier to use. We value the opinion of our users and your feedback will go a long way in making Morphic better.