Morphic has different features to meet the needs of different people and places.

Morphic’s basic features include:
1. A MorphicBar – that 
a. that makes it easy to discover the accessibility features built into your computer but buried in the settings panels.
b. gives you 1-click access to key features – and a simple menu to access the rest.

2. The ability to save your accessibility and assistive technology settings securely to the cloud.  Then, when using any computer with Morphic on it, you can apply your saved settings so it’s set up just for you.  After you’re done, the settings disappear.
With Morphic Customization, you can create custom MorphicBars for yourself – or for other people – with 1-click access to almost anything (apps, websites, a Family Zoom call, a streamed worship service). 

    The MorphicBar customization website allows you to both create these custom MorphicBars and send them to anyone, so they can then use them on any computer with Morphic installed.
Morphic enables organizations (e.g., schools, libraries, community centers, government offices, etc.) to meet the needs of individuals with and without disabilities and their digital equity goals – for free. 
Morphic’s AT-on-Demand gives organizations the ability to allow users to instantly and safely install their own AT and settings on any organization’s computer.

When an AT user logs into Morphic, AT-on-Demand downloads a new copy of their software (from the organization’s local server) and applies all of their saved settings. Then, the computer is set up just for them. When they are done – it all disappears. AT-on-Demand minimizes the effort required to achieve digital equity – for free.  
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