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I. How Morphic Works

II. Installation and Software Details

III. Performance

VI. Data Privacy and Security

VII. Customer Support and Contact Information

What is Morphic?

  • Morphic is a software application that is installed on your computer, visible as a MorphicBar that can be opened or closed anytime.
  • There are three versions of the product – Morphic, Morphic Plus, and Morphic Enterprise.
  • Morphic has to be installed on each computer that you want to use it on. Installation takes less than a minute.
  • Morphic’s features work with most browsers and computer software programs.

Which computers (and versions) does Morphic work on?

Morphic works on

  • Any Windows 10 version newer than 2018 (1903 and higher).
  • Any macOS version from Mojave onward (10.14 and higher).

This includes Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey. If you have an old version of Windows 10 or macOS – you can update it to a newer version for free. (Some very old computers will not run Windows 10 or Catalina.)

Does Morphic work on tablets and/or mobile devices?

  • Morphic will run on Windows 10 tablet computers.
  • Morphic does not run on iPads or any iOS or Android device.

The reason is that these mobile devices use a security system that does not allow any software (like Morphic) to interact or affect any other software or operating system settings. So for these platforms, Morphic would have to be implemented by the manufacturer themselves (Apple or Google) who could install it with the privileges it needs to operate.

How do you install Morphic?

  • You can install Morphic yourself on a personal computer, just like any other software program for Mac or Windows, in less than a minute.
  • To download Morphic, and to see helpful step-by-step videos for installing Morphic on both Windows and Mac, use the links below:
  • Please note: for computers not intended for personal use, such as work or library computers, Morphic (usually the Enterprise version) would need to be installed and updated by the IT department or whoever has administrative privileges on the computer.

Do I need to update my Morphic software, and how often?

  • If you have Morphic on your personal computer, it will automatically notify you whenever there is a new update available – you can either choose to update or skip.

For Morphic Plus, available by subscription:

  • You can install Morphic with the ability to customize it via the Plus subscription on your own or anyone else’s personal computer, assuming you have their permission. Please see the Morphic Plus page for more details.

For Morphic Enterprise:

  • Please contact the Morphic team ( to discuss specifics if you are interested in installing Morphic across your organization.

Morphic is Open-Source. Where can I find the source code?

How much space does Morphic use on my computer?

  • Morphic is very small. Morphic uses 60.8 MB on a Mac and about twice that on Windows. When running, Morphic uses just 15 MB of memory.   
  • Morphic runs in the background, uses almost no computer power or memory, and will not slow down your computer.

What is the impact of firewalls, antivirus software, and ad blockers with Morphic?

  • Morphic is designed to use standard ports through the firewall and so should work without problem for most firewalls. 
  • Morphic should not interfere with antivirus software or ad blockers, nor should they interfere with Morphic.

How do I contact the Morphic team for support or to report an issue?

  • For general questions, you can contact
  • For specific problems or questions about a particular installation or feature, or to report a bug, you can contact For your convenience, there is also a form below.

How can I learn to use Morphic?

  • See the Morphic and Morphic Plus pages for demo videos explaining what each feature does and how to use each solution.
  • If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) on our website or by viewing the videos, please feel free to contact or fill out the form below.

What is Morphic’s privacy policy?

Will individual user data be collected, shared, or sold to third parties?

  • Morphic will never track, share, or sell user data and information – for advertising, marketing, targeting, or other purposes.
  • We do not collect any personal information unless users sign up as an individual for a Morphic Plus account, in which case they are asked to provide their email address – which will be encrypted. We do not collect other personal identifying information.

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