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Dark Mode

Some people prefer to have white text on a dark background. Some find it more restful on the eyes. Dark mode changes the computer and many (but not all) of its programs with dark text on white background to light text on dark background.

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How to adjust the Dark Mode Settings

With both PC and Mac:

  1. To adjust the Dark Mode, right-click on the Dark or Dark Mode button and choose “Settings”. 
    This will direct you to the control panel where the Dark Mode adjustments are located. 
  2. Different versions of macOS and Window have different settings. Play with them til you get the desired effect.

You are done.

The Dark (or Dark Mode) button on the MorphicBar will now turn that type of Dark Mode on and off as you need it. 

NOTE: Turning Dark Mode on and off with Morphic – may affect whether Dark Mode will automatically turn on and off at different times of day for you (just like it would if you manually turned it on via the control panel). But with the button on your MorphicBar, you can easily turn it on and off at any time of day or night that you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why didn't my app or window change to a dark background?

Not all applications support the dark theme. Many websites also do not have a dark theme and will not change when you turn on the dark theme.

Furthermore, some applications might have their own dark theme settings that are independent of the settings of your computer. Check the settings of your app to see if it has its own dark theme settings.

2. Is there anyway to force an app or website to have a dark background?

In Windows, you can try using the High Contrast theme in which you can specify your own colors. This works in many Windows apps and also on web pages if you use the Microsoft Edge browser.

To learn about how to turn on and adjust Windows High Contrast – right click on the Contrast button and select “Learn More”.