Why would you want 2 focus sessions at the same time?

There are some times when you may want to have two focus sessions running at the same time.

For example,

  • Let’s say you have one session that runs every day from 9 am to 6 pm with any breaks – that blocks all games. Let’s call that Blocklist “Block all Games”
  • Then you want to have another focus session that runs from 9 to noon – with breaks every 25 minutes that blocks all email and chat (and social media) apps when you are focusing but turns them back on during the breaks.

In this case, you would have two focus sessions running in parallel.

Or for another example

  • Let’s again say that you have one session that runs every day from 9 to 6 that blocks games and other things you should not be doing during the day (like recreational house searching). Call that blocklist (block non-work apps & sites).
  • Then you spontaneously want to run a focus session for an hour. You hit the focus button but you are already running one session. So it gives you the dialog that says – do you want to run a second session? You say yes – and it takes you to the main focus panel where you can start a spontaneous focus session that blocks whatever you want to be blocked for the hour and then turns them all back on (but the other focus session with the (block non-work apps & sites) blocklist continues to run until 6 pm.
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