For those who use assistive technology (AT), Morphic can allow you to more easily control it — and use it on different computers.

Morphic allows both your AT and accessibility settings to follow you to other computers. Morphic can also allow you to change settings instantly throughout the day as your needs change.

For those who use assistive technology, Morphic can allow you to more easily control it – and use it on different computers.

Morphic can make it easier for people who use assistive technologies on different computers. This is true whether they use built-in assistive technologies (AT), or assistive technologies that are separately installed.

Moving personal AT settings between computers

Morphic allows people to move the assistive technology and the computer settings from one computer to another.

  • First, Morphic allows users to capture all of their settings – both for the accessibility-usability features on the computer and for their installed assistive technologies.
  • They can then sit down at any other computer that has Morphic installed on it and have Morphic instantly set up both the computer’s accessibility-usability features and the assistive technologies to exactly match their own.

Tracking changes between computers

If a person has more than one computer, they can set it up so that changes made to any computer (or AT) to make it easier to use, will automatically apply to all their computers.

Different setting preferences for different computers

Sometimes a user may want different settings on different computers, because they have different screens or pointing devices etc. Morphic allows users to have different preference sets for different computers if they like.

Different setting preferences for different times or tasks

Sometimes an individual’s needs will change over the course of the day.

As the day progresses, they may need to have different settings on their computer or on their assistive technologies. Morphic allows them to save different preference sets and then switch between them easily. For example, they could have one set of preferred settings that they use when they are fresh. They may have a different set that they will switch to when they are tired.

They may also want different settings for different tasks or activities. They may have a set for work and the set for leisure. Or they may have a special set they use when they are playing games.

Users can create and save any number of different sets of preferred settings for their computer or their assistive technologies, and switch between them whenever they like, on any computer they like.

Having their assistive technologies follow them to any computer they need to use

Another problem faced by individuals who need to use third-party assistive technologies, is that the computers they may need to use at work, or at school, or at the library, may not have the assistive technologies they need on them.

There may be no computers at the location that have the assistive technologies they need on them. Or the assistive technologies may only exist on one or two computers in one or two rooms at that location (but not in the lab, or class, or study room, or other location where they need to use the computer).

In Summer 2021, Morphic will be introducing Installation on Demand (IoD). Locations that support IoD will allow users to sit down to any computer in any room and have the assistive technology that that person needs show up on that computer – and be configured exactly as that user needs it. When they sign out, the assistive technologies will disappear, and the computer resets to what it was before they sat down.

With IoD, for the first time, users who need assistive technologies will be able to use any of the shared computers in any of the locations that their peers without disabilities can, rather than having to go to a special room, or be limited to the assistive technologies at that location.

True digital equity – and opportunity. And the ability to participate in all the activities and locations as their peers.

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