Morphic provides different products to meet the needs of different people and places.

Morphic’s basic features are free and provide 1-click access to important features that make your computer easier to see and use (text size, magnifier, reading of any text selected, clipping content to use in reports or emails etc., increasing contrast, reducing glare, providing filters for users with colorblindness).

The basic features also give you the ability to capture the setup of your usability and accessibility features on your computer and then apply them to any other computer with Morphic on it (while you are using it – and disappear when you are done).

PRICING: No cost, individuals can download Morphic for free.

Morphic Plus adds the ability to create custom MorphicBars for yourself – and for other people. These MorphicBars can be edited using the MorphicBar customization tool which, because it is online, allows you to create, change, and maintain MorphicBars remotely, from any web browser, and have the changes appear instantly on another Morphic-enabled computer, wherever it is.

PRICING: No cost, individuals can sign up for a Morphic Plus subscription for free.

Morphic Enterprise allows organizations to provide more equitable opportunities for their stakeholders.  Enterprise offers all of the above plus the option to add up to 3 alternate, custom buttons to the standard MorphicBar to better serve diverse user needs. Through an Enterprise Agreement, Morphic can easily be deployed on large numbers (or all) of an organization’s computers, helping to expand accessibility and usability across on-site or remote locations.

PRICING: Morphic Enterprise plans start at no cost, additional pricing may vary based on specific needs of the organization.

Morphic and Morphic Plus are free thanks to current sponsorships, donations, and other non-profit funding.

Please note that our pricing is subject to change, prior notification will be provided.