Snip: Copying a part of the screen

When you click on Snip’s copy button a live crosshair cursor pops up on your screen. Simply press your mouse button and drag to draw a square around what you want to copy. Let go of your mouse button and the snipped picture will be saved to the clipboard. Paste your image in an email or other places!

How to

Using the Snip tool

  1. Open the MorphicBar
  2. In the Snip area, click the “Copy” button.

You will then get a crosshair cursor on the screen.

  1. Click a corner of the area of the screen you want to snip.
  2. Hold the mouse button down and drag to make a rectangle around your snip.
  3. Let go of the mouse button to capture your snip!

Paste: Using what you snipped
After you have captured a snip, you can paste it to use it.

  1. Click in an email, document, or other location where you want to insert your snip
  2. Paste the snip by pressing a keyboard combination
    • On Windows: Ctrl + V
    • On Mac: Cmd + V

Note: Some apps and location do not support pasting snips. Try clicking the location and pasting again.

Extra snipping feature in Windows

Before you click or drag to capture a snip, Windows gives you a toolbar with different ways you can snip.

Windows will remember the last type of snip that you used.

  • Rectangle Snip by clicking on one corner and dragging to the opposite corner
  • Freeform Snip by clicking and then dragging the snip outline around what you want to snip
  • Window Snip will allow you to capture a whole window area by clicking it.
  • Fullscreen Snip will capture everything on the screen when you click the button.

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