Morphic can make computers simpler and more efficient for everyone.

Morphic allows anyone to make frequently used features and functions easily available. The Custom MorphicBars can also help people stay focused by removing distractions with a single click (and turning them back on when done).

Morphic can make computers simpler and more efficient for everyone.

Although Morphic was originally designed for individuals who either have disabilities or have difficulty in understanding and using computers, it can also be useful for everyone by providing a handy, customizable toolbar that is always present. The Morphic toolbar makes key functions, features, apps, and websites always available and makes it easy to switch between them with a single click of the mouse.

The toolbar or “MorphicBar” is positioned on the side of your computer screen where it is handy but out of the way. It can be always visible or show and hide with a simple click on its icon in the system tray. It can be resized and, depending on how it’s arranged, can contain either a small number of large buttons, or a large number of smaller buttons.

Each button can:

  • launch a function
  • change a setting
  • switch to another app
  • and more…

with a single click.

Some of the things the MorphicBar buttons can be set up to do for you include:

  • Launch a communication app and call a particular person with it – with a single click.
  • When you need to concentrate, turn off notifications and all apps that may interrupt you – with a single click
    • and turn them back on with another single click later – or after a timed interval.
  • Allow you to jump back and forth between different apps, or different documents that you use all the time, with a single click for each jump (rather than digging through a sea of windows on screen to find them each time).
  • Give you quick access to settings that you turn on and off daily (or would if they weren’t buried in the operating system or required memorizing special keystrokes)
    • such as nightlight, color filters, or screen resolution – making things larger or smaller tasks change or the eyes tire.
  • Call up functions that require complex key combinations that are hard to remember but that can be accomplished with a single click of a Morphic button.
  • Anything else that you do a lot, refer to a lot, or can’t remember the keystroke combinations for, that you would like to always have the just one click away.

And it would be available on any computer you sat down to use that has Morphic on it.

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