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(Click feature below for description)
Basic Features of MorphicFeatures with Plus SubscriptionFeatures of Free Enterprise InstallationsFeatures of Full Enterprise Installation
PriceFreeBy Subscription
(Free for a limited time.)
FreeCost varies based on Features and Options
Text size button click any name for description
Magnifier button
Snip Tool button
Read Selected
Color Vision Filter
Dark Mode
Night Light / Mode
Save and Apply Setup
People can open their Custom MorphicBars on the computer
Create (multiple) Custom MorphicBars for self  
Create Custom MorphicBars for others  
Remotely set up Morphic for others  
Call a person – 1 click  
Join regular “Zoom” call – 1 click  
Join Streamed Worship Service – 1 click  
Dozens of other Premade Buttons (News, Shopping, Social Media, etc.)  
Quick Assist / Remote help  
Launch any Application
Call a number with 1 Click
(Phone, Slack, Skype, Teams, Duo, Voice, etc.)
OPEN and EJECT USB drive – 1 Click ✓ *
Join a Standing Teleconference Call – 1 Click ✓ *
Open any Web Page ✓ *
Join a Regular Streamed Event – 1 Click ✓ *
Simplify Microsoft Word Ribbons ✓ *
Volume ✓ *
Log Out  ✓ *
Change complex key-combinations into 1-Click Button(s)   
Instant Install and Setup of assistive technologies and settings for interns and new employees   Optional
Instant restore of assistive technologies and settings for computer repair swaps   Optional
Assistive technology available on all computers at the location – as needed – and disappear when done.   Optional
Low cost availability of all adaptive AT on all public computers at organization   Optional
Enterprise can have diverse AT and pay flat fee or only pay for what is used   Optional
Management of upgrades, security, and OS compatibility of assistive technologies   Optional
Integrate with IT department systems  Standard IT Compatibility by defaultSpecial IT Configurations Optional
Integrate with SSOOptional
Free Enterprise installations have a MorphicBar with the basic buttons plus any 3 of the buttons marked √ * above
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