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Morphic BasicMorphic PlusMorphic Enterprise
Number of Users11-50Varies
Text size button (enlarges everything)
Magnifier button
Snip Tool button
Read Selected
Color Vision Filter
Dark Mode
Night Light / Mode
Save and Apply Setup
Customizable MorphicBar
Remotely Setup Morphic for Others  ✓
Switch between MorphicBars  ✓
Call someone on Skype or phone – 1 click  ✓
Join Family Conference Call – 1 click  ✓
Join Streamed Worship Service – 1 click  ✓
Quick Assist / Remote help  ✓
Dozens of other premade buttons  ✓
As many Websites buttons as you want. Opens or brings to front with 1-click  ✓
As many application buttons as you want Switch back and forth between withl 1-click 
Eliminate the need to remember key combinations. Change to 1-click buttons 
Instant Setup of assistive technologies and settings for interns and new employees 
Instant restore of assistive technologies and settings for computer repair swaps 
Assistive technology available on all computers at the location – as needed – and disappear when done. 
Pay only for assistive technologies used 
Management of upgrades, security, and OS compatibility of assistive technologies 
Integrate with IT department systems   ☐
Integrate with SSO   ☐
(Free for early adopters who provide feedback)
Cost dependent on configuration and services
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