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What personal information do you collect about me - and why do you need it?

  • We do not collect any personal information about you, unless you sign up for an account.
    • Even then, we only collect what personal information is needed to operate the features of Morphic, and it is kept secure and not shared or sold.
  • If you do sign up for an account:
    • We ask you for your email address.
      • We need this to identify your account when you sign in. We encrypt this information (and your password). We ONLY use it to identify which account is yours when you sign in and use Morphic – or if you ask us for help – or to delete your account if you ask us to.
    • If you store your settings in Morphic, or create a custom MorphicBar, and have names or phone numbers in the buttons on that bar – you may be storing some personal information on our secure servers.
      • That information is stored on our server so that we can apply those settings or show that MorphicBar on your computer, or on other computers you use – while you are using them.
      • We only store this information if you ask us to. We only apply those settings or show your MorphicBar on another computer if you ask us to (by signing into Morphic on that computer).
  • The full Privacy Policy for Morphic can be found here.

Will my data be shared or sold to third parties?

  • No. Morphic has a very strict privacy policy against selling or monetizing your information.
    • In fact, we have set up an external Data Ethics and Privacy Council composed of privacy advocates and experts from around the world to oversee our privacy policies and practices.
  • Specifics of the privacy policy for Morphic can be found here.

Why do I need to create an account?

  • You do not need to create an account in order to use the basic features of Morphic.
    • If you want Morphic to save your setup (the accessibility and usability assistive technology settings on your computer) so that you can apply it to other computers, you need to set up an account.
    • Setting up an account creates a secure “Vault” on our server so that you can store your setup. Your setup can then be available to you when you are on other computers so you can set up the accessibility and usability and assistive technologies on that computer the same way.
    • We do not store any personal information in your Vault (other than your email which we use to identify which fault is yours).
  • You also need an account if you are going to use the Plus subscription features of Morphic.
    • Again this is only required so that you have a secure place to store which buttons do you want to have on your custom MorphicBar — and that you can sign in to apply that MorphicBar to other computers.

If I use Morphic on a public computer, like at my library, does that mean that others have access to my settings and information?

  • No. When you sign in – we apply your settings and MorphicBars to that computer. When you sign out that information all disappears. No information about you is left on the computer by Morphic.

I heard that children under 13 cannot sign up for Morphic. What if I want to use it with my child under 13? What if I am a teacher?

  • The privacy policy states that children under 13 years of age cannot sign up for Morphic THEMSELVES. There is nothing to prevent a parent or guardian from signing up for Morphic on behalf their children.
  • Specifically our privacy policy reads:
    • People under the age 13 years of age. If you are under 13, please do not attempt to register for a Morphic preferences account yourself, or send any personal information about yourself to us. Have a parent or guardian do it for you. If we learn that we have collected personal information directly from a child under 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that a child under 13 may have provided us with personal information, and not their parent or guardian, please contact us via email at privacy@Morphic.org
  • Teachers should follow the same procedures they do for getting permission to use any educational and other software that is on computers they use with their students under 13. Generally, parents give blanket permission for schools to use the software on computers with students as part of signing their children up for school.

Can I ask that any personal information stored about me be deleted?

  • Yes. At any time.
    • The only personal information stored about you however is
      • Your email address – used to identify your account as yours when you log in or if you lose your password, and
      • the information in your buttons, if you have a custom MorphicBar.
  • Neither of these are used for anything except storing your computer and MorphicBar setups so you can apply them to other computers.
    • This information is encrypted.
    • It is not mined or shared or used in any way except to make the program work (i.e. to allow you to apply your setups to different computers and to show any custom MorphicBar(s) on your computer).
  • To delete all your personal information from our system we simply delete your account and all saved settings and MorphicBars.
  • We can do this at any time you request.
    • Just send an email to DeleteAccount@morphic.org.
    • We will send an email to confirm that you want the account deleted – and then delete it on receipt of your confirmation.
    • Deletion of an account is not reversible. But you can sign up for another later if you wish and start afresh.

What happens if I delete my account ?

  • You will still be able to use the basic buttons and features on a MorphicBar without an account.
  • But you cannot sign in of course (without an account to sign into) and cannot have any custom MorphicBars (because we won’t know who you are if you are not signed in).

Does Morphic comply with FERPA?

  • Morphic complies with FERPA.  For information on FERPA and the measures that Raising the Floor takes to comply with FERPA see the special page on FERPA and Morphic.
  • If a parent or eligible student would like to access, review, or request deletion of student information associated with Morphic, they may contact us at privacy@morphic.org or  dpo@raisingthefloor.org.

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