FAQ Category: Performance, Safety, Memory Usage

Is Morphic safe? Has it been tested? Can it hurt my computer?

  • Each version of Morphic undergoes rigorous testing on many different machines and different versions so the operating system before it is released.
    • There have been no incidents of Morphic ever harming a computer.
  • If you have any trouble with Morphic at any time – send a note to support@morphic.org. You will get a prompt response.


What impact do firewalls, antivirus software and ad blockers have on Morphic - or Morphic have on them?

  • Firewalls – Morphic is designed to use standard ports through the firewall and so should work without problem for most firewalls. Specifically, Morphic uses port 443 (https). People or places that block email addresses should allow “ *.morphic.org
  • AntiVirus – Morphic should not interfere with antivirus software and antivirus software should not interfere with Morphic.
  • Ad Blockers – Morphic does not interact with ad blockers, unless the Focus feature is turned on.
    • If a person is trying to use the Focus feature, this can be configured to turn ad blockers on and off if a person desires.


How much access to the computer's operating system does Morphic need to have?

Will Morphic slow my computer down?

  • No. Morphic runs in the background and uses almost no computer power or memory.
  • So it can always be on (either visible or hidden) and it will not affect computer performance.

How much space does Morphic use on my computer?

  • Morphic is very small. Morphic uses 60.8 MB on a Mac and about twice that on Windows.
    • For comparison – 60 MB is 36 times smaller than Word and 5 times smaller than Skype.
  • When running it uses just 15 MB of memory.
    • For comparison – that is only a small fraction of a single percent of the memory in a 4 GB computer.

Is Morphic secure?

  • Morphic is very secure, it doesn’t gather any personal information other than the email you use to sign in – which is encrypted using industry standard encryption techniques for usernames and passwords.
  • Your email and all of your settings (if you ever save them) are encrypted both in transit and in storage.

Is it in the cloud or on my computer?

  • Morphic runs almost entirely locally on your computer.
  • If you choose to save your settings to the cloud (so that you can apply them to another computer) or you create custom MorphicBars, those aspects use storage in the cloud.
  • If you do not – then Morphic runs completely on your computer.
    Note: Companies can choose to run the cloud components entirely within their own cloud if they choose.

How do I access the information in the cloud?

  • When you sign in to Morphic, your saved settings and any custom MorphicBar(s) are brought down and applied to the computer.
  • You can choose how your saved settings are applied by using the Morphic menu. 
  • When you sign out of Morphic, all of your applied settings and custom MorphicBars disappear from the computer. 
    • On a public computer, signing out of the computer automatically signs you out of Morphic as well. 

Can I delete all of my personal information at any time?

  • Yes. You can delete your personal information at any time by sending an email to support@morphic.org and request that your account and all settings be deleted. After we confirm that the delete instructions came from you, the information will be deleted.
  • This includes your account, all the settings you saved (if any) and any MorphicBars you created. (The only personal information that we have stored about you.)
  • This action is not reversible, of course – since we would no longer have any of the information after it is deleted.

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