FAQ Category: Morphic’s Plus Subscription Features

Can I make the bar vertical instead of horizontal?

  • At the present time, the basic MorphicBar is horizontal and custom MorphicBars are vertical.
  • If you would like a vertical version of the basic MorphicBar, you can make a custom MorphicBar that has the same buttons as the basic MorphicBar.


If I’ve created a MorphicBar using my Plus subscription, does that bar show up automatically on any other computer that has Morphic installed?

  • Yes. If Morphic is installed on any computer, you can sign into Morphic and your custom MorphicBar will appear on that computer.
  • If you have multiple MorphicBars, you can use the “Switch MorphicBar” item in the Morphic menu to switch between them (See next.)


How do I switch between MorphicBars? If I add a custom MorphicBar - do I still have access to the Basic Bar?

  • You can easily switch between all of the MorphicBars you have by clicking on the Morphic icon on the MorphicBar (on your computer) and selecting “Switch MorphicBar” to whichever MorphicBar you want.
  • You will notice that the Basic MorphicBar is always available in that list. When you select a custom MorphicBar – it will replace the basic MorphicBar (or the MorphicBar of the organization if you are at a shared computer – for example at a library). You can always switch back to the Basic MorphicBar (or organization’s MorphicBar ) at any time using “Switch MorphicBar” in the Morphic menu.
  • If you want to have the basic features available while using your custom MorphicBar, you can add those features to your custom MorphicBar.
    • All of the basic features of Morphic are available when building a custom MorphicBar.
    • Note: If you put more buttons on the MorphicBar than will fit on the bar at your screen resolution, then the remaining buttons will automatically slide into the “side drawer” of the MorphicBar.  When this happens, a small arrow in a circle will appear next to the Morphic icon.  Click on that circle-arrow and the drawer will slide out displaying the rest of the buttons for you to use.


I signed in on a public computer (i.e. at the library) and one of the buttons in my custom MorphicBar did not show up. Where is it?

  • There are a few reasons this might happen.
    • If you have a new feature in your MorphicBar and the library is not running the most recent version of Morphic – then the button may be newer than the version of Morphic installed (so it will not show). If this is the cause – the problem will go away when the library updates their version of Morphic.
    • You have a button in your MorphicBar that only works on a Mac and you are using a Windows computer (or vice versa).
    • You have more buttons on your MorphicBar that will fit vertically on your screen (given your current screen size). In this case, the buttons on the bottom of your MorphicBar will slide over into a “side drawer” on the MorphicBar. If this happens, you can click on the arrow near the Morphic icon on the MorphicBar and the drawer will open. The drawer will contain the rest of your buttons.

What is QuickAssist?

  • Quick Assist is a program built into every copy of Windows.
  • It allows a person on one Windows computer to be able to see and control another person’s computer in order to help them.
  • Quick Assist only allows a person to see or control another person’s computer if the other person specifically gives them permission to do so each time.
  • Morphic provides a convenient Quick Assist button that can be used to make it easy for someone to launch Quick Assist if someone is trying to help them remotely.

Why does my bar break into two when I am customizing and when I collapse it only shows the icons I added first?

  • If you have more buttons on your MorphicBar than will fit vertically on your screen (given your current screen size), the buttons on the bottom of your MorphicBar will slide over into a “side drawer” on the MorphicBar. If this happens, you can click on the arrow near the Morphic icon on the MorphicBar and the drawer will open and you will be able to see the rest of your buttons.
  • On your computer, these buttons will appear on the main MorphicBar if they will fit on your screen (depending on your screen size). Any that will not fit on that computer’s screen will slide over into the side drawer.

Can I add a custom image for my buttons?

  • Not at the present time.

Why doesn’t my bar update automatically if I save it on the website? How can I get it to update?

  • If the bar does not automatically change on your computer when you click SAVE on the Custom MorphicBar Tool page, click on the Morphic Icon on the MorphicBar on your computer, then select “Switch MorphicBar” and then select or re-select the MorphicBar you want to see.

How can I change my custom MorphicBar to be horizontal?

  • You cannot make a custom MorphicBar appear horizontal at this time. You can switch to the basic MorphicBar – which is horizontal – by:
    • Opening the Morphic menu (click on the Morphic icon on the MorphicBar)
    • Choose “Switch MorphicBar”
    • Choose “Basic MorphicBar”

When I decrease text size, is there a way to keep my MorphicBar the same size so it fits the screen?

  • Not at this time.
  • It will always fit on screen but some buttons may get pushed into the side drawer of the MorphicBar. If they do, you can access them by clicking on the arrow key next to the Morphic icon.

On the customizing tool, why does the “Open an App” button only allow me to choose from apps on a limited list?

There are three reasons.

  1. The Custom MorphicBar Tool cannot see which applications are on a computer so it must use a premade list.
  2. The tool cannot be designed to enter any program name – since a program name alone is not sufficient to launch an app. A full path or other method is needed to launch an app.
  3. For security reasons, it is not safe to allow people to create a button that is able to launch arbitrary programs or processes on someone else’s computer.

Note: Institutions’ IT departments can make custom application buttons for use on their computers

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