FAQ Category: Morphic’s Basic Features

Where can I learn about all of the basic features available on Morphic as well as those that come with a Plus subscription?

Where can I find specific detailed information on each of the Morphic features?

Can I modify any of the features included on my basic MorphicBar, or do I have to have a Plus subscription to do this?

  •  You must have a Plus subscription to create custom MorphicBars.
    • Enterprises do have the ability to add up to 3 buttons on the basic MorphicBar as part of a Free Enterprise Installation.

How does Morphic help reduce glare?

  • Morphic helps reduce glare through our Contrast, Dark, and Night features.
    • The Contrast feature can increase or decrease the differenct between the light and dark parts of the screen or change it from mostly white to mostly dark  (whereas dark mode only works with apps that support it).
    • The Dark Mode – which is supported by many applications, provides a dark background with white or light text.
    • The “Night Lite” or “Night Shift” feature reduces the blue-light coming from the screen, making it yellower and reducing glare.
    • All three are adjustable by right clicking on the MorphicBar buttons and selecting “Settings”.
  • All three are adjustable by right clicking on the MorphicBar buttons and selecting “Settings”

Can I change mouse pointer size or sensitivity?

  • Yes. You can find these by
    • right clicking on the Morphic icon on the MorphicBar or the icon in the tray
    • selecting “More settings to make the computer easier” from the menu
    • then selecting “Pointer size” or “Mouse Settings”

What’s the difference between Morphic and the Morphic Plus subscription?

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