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How do you install Morphic?
  • You can install Morphic yourself on a personal computer, just like any other software program for Mac or Windows, in less than a minute.
  • Detailed installation directions, as well as a step-by-step video, are available using the links below:
  • Please note: for computers not intended for personal use, such as work or library computers, Morphic (usually the Enterprise version) would need to be installed and updated by the IT department or whoever has administrative privileges on the computer.
Do I need to update my Morphic software, and how often?
  • If you have Morphic on your personal computer, it will automatically notify you whenever there is a new update available – you can either choose to update or skip.
For Morphic Plus, available by subscription:
  • You can install Morphic with the ability to customize it via the Plus subscription on your own or anyone else’s personal computer, assuming you have their permission. Please see the Morphic Plus pages for more details.
For Morphic Enterprise:
  • Please contact the Morphic team (info@morphic.org) to discuss specifics if you are interested in installing Morphic across your organization.

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