FAQ Category: Installation and Software Details

How do you install Morphic?

  • Morphic installs just like any other program on the Mac or Windows. It installs in less than a minute.
  • Detailed installation directions, as well as a step-by-step video, are available using the links below:
  • On computers not intended for personal use, such as work or library computers, Morphic would need to be installed by the IT department.

Do you need to install Morphic on a computer for it to work?

  • Yes. Morphic has to be installed on each computer that you want to use it on.
  • It is quick and easy.


Can I install Morphic myself?

  • Yes, you can install Morphic yourself on your computer if you have Administrator privileges on your computer – you can install it yourself.
  • Otherwise, whoever normally installs software on your computer should install Morphic.


Do I need admin privileges to install Morphic?

  • Yes. The person installing Morphic has to have Administrator privileges on the computer.

Do I need a subscription to install Morphic?

  • You do not need a Plus subscription to install Morphic. The Plus subscription is only needed if you want to create custom MorphicBars yourself.
  • The basic features of Morphic are available for free. Morphic with all of its Basic features can be installed (for free) by anyone on their computer(s).

Can I install my Morphic Plus subscription on someone else’s computer?

  • With permission, you can install Morphic on anyone’s computer.
  • Organizations can install a copy of the free institutional version of Morphic on their computers.
  • Once any version of Morphic is installed on a computer – anyone that has a custom MorphicBar can call it up on that computer – whether they created the MorphicBar themselves – or if someone made a custom MorphicBar for them.
    • Note:  A Plus subscription is not needed to use a custom MorphicBar. It is only needed to create them.  Custom MorphicBars will work on any computer with Morphic on it.
    • If you have a Plus subscription, you can create custom bars for yourself or for others – up to the limit of your subscription.
    • If others want to create their own custom MorphicBars, they would need to get a Plus subscription for themselves.
    • If someone else has a Plus subscription – they can create a custom MorphicBar for you – and you can use it without having a plus subscription yourself.

How often will I need to update my Morphic software?

  • If you have Morphic on your personal computer, it will automatically notify you whenever there is a new update available.
    • You can either choose to update or skip and update.
    • Updating will get you new features as well as bug fixes.
  • For organizations where an IT department maintains the computers, it would be the IT department that would apply the updates.
    • The IT department would be informed of updates, and what they contain.
    • They can then apply the update or not as they wish and when they wish.

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