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What is Morphic?
  • Morphic is a software application that is installed on your computer, visible as a MorphicBar that can be opened or closed anytime.
  • There are three versions of the product – Morphic, Morphic Plus, and Morphic Enterprise.
  • Morphic has to be installed on each computer that you want to use it on. Installation takes less than a minute.
  • Morphic’s features work with most browsers and computer software programs.
Which computers (and versions) does Morphic work on?
  • Morphic works on any Windows 10 version newer than 2018 (1903 and higher).
  • Any macOS version from Mojave onward (10.14 and higher). This includes Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey.
  • If you have an old version of Windows 10 or macOS – you can update it to a newer version for free. (Some very old computers will not run Windows 10 or Catalina.)
Does Morphic work on tablets, mobile devices and/or computers with touchscreens?
  • Morphic will run on Windows 10 tablet computers.
  • Morphic does not run on iPads or any iOS or Android device.
  • The reason is that these mobile devices use a security system that does not allow any software (like Morphic) to interact or affect any other software or operating system settings. So for these platforms, Morphic would have to be implemented by the manufacturer themselves (Apple or Google) who could install it with the privileges it needs to operate.
  • Morphic does work on computers with touch screens, as long as they are running a recent version of either Windows 10 (1903 or higher) or macOS (Catalina 10.14 or higher).

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