FAQ Category: How it Works

Is Morphic an App, an overlay, or something else?

  • Morphic is an application that is installed on your computer.

Does it work just on Web pages or work with computer applications as well?

  • Morphic’s features work in browsers and almost all other software on a computer as well.

How do assistive technologies like JAWS or Read and Write interact with Morphic?

  • Morphic can launch and configure Jaws and other compatible assistive technologies. If you have Installation on Demand (IoD) at your site, then Morphic can also install these programs on a computer when you sit down to it (if your preferences say that you would like Jaws to be used on computers).

Will buttons on the MorphicBar take me to my Email, FaceBook or Google etc. accounts directly or will I still have to sign in to them?

  • It will take you directly to these web applications but you will still need to log in since Morphic does not see, capture, or store any passwords.
  • On your personal computer, you may not need to sign in often since you can have your computer remember your password or have the website remember you.
  • For public computers, you will need to sign in each time.

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