FAQ Category: How Can I Help (with word, deed, or funding)?

How can I participate in efforts to improve Morphic?

  • You can report any problems you have while using Morphic.
    • Be specific and tell us if you can get the problem to reliably re-appear ( and how we can do so).
    • Pictures or even videos are very helpful.
  • You can provide suggestions.
    • We are always looking for ways to improve Morphic or add new features to make computers easier to use
  • You can volunteer for usability testing.
    • As we create new features, it is great to have people who can try them and help us make them better and easier to use.
  • If you speak a foreign language.
    • We are looking for people who can help check the translations of Morphic into different languages to be sure the translations are accurate.
  • Contact us at contribute@morphic.org

How can I help get the word out about Morphic?

  • Helping us get the word out is greatly appreciated.
  • Some things you might consider
    • Telling your friends or colleagues about it
    • Putting articles or mentions in a newsletter
    • Helping us to find ways to disseminate information on Morphic (Podcasts, seminars, hanbooks, etc.)
    • Inviting us to present at your meetings (local meetings or conferences)
    • Letting us know people we should be reaching out to.

How do I provide a donation to help support the free distribution of Morphic?

  • Donations large and small are appreciated.
  • We use donations to keep the costs down and to provide all of the free versions of Morphic.
  • Contact us at contribute@morphic.org

Are there named sponsorships available?

  • Yes. It is possible for anyone to sponsor free versions of Morphic. This can be done by individuals, organizations, or areas.
  • Companies, foundations, or people providing large donations can have their names put on the copies of Morphic that they are sponsoring.
    • For example, a person or foundation who sponsors Morphic for all of the libraries, schools, senior citizen centers, etc. in their city, area, or state would have “Sponsored by XXXX” on all those MorphicBars.

Can I just donate anonymously? And what if I don't have much money?

  • Yes, you can always donate anonymously.
  • Donations of all sizes are welcome. Lots of little donations add up quickly.

How do I get in contact with you if I would like to contribute?


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