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What is a Morphic Enterprise installation and how does it differ from a regular Morphic installation or a Plus subscription?

  • An Enterprise installation of Morphic is one that is installed on a large number of computers at an institution, company, or organization.
    • For example,
      • All of the computers at a library
      • All of the computers at a school
      • All of the computers at a company
  • An Enterprise installation may include any or all of the following:
    • Configuring large numbers of computers to all look the same
    • Configuring all of the computers in a room to be the same (but different than other rooms)
    • Configuring computers to be the same for people carrying out the same task
    • Configuring each computer to be different (like a Plus subscription)


How will Morphic help my employees/students?

  • See the home page of the Morphic website for different ways that Morphic can help different types of users. Follow the links for each example on the home page for more detailed descriptions.


What if the user wants assistive technology the Institution has not licensed?

  • This depends on what the assistive technology manufacturer will allow. Morphic will activate (or install if the location supports Morphic’s Installation on Demand (IoD) feature) any assistive technology where one of the following is true
    • The location has a license for the AT that is available for use by the person
    • The person has their own license and the AT manufacturer allows us to activate the AT for that person whenever they use any Morphic computer
    • The person (or location) has arranged with Morphic to use one of Morphic’s licenses for that AT from the manufacturer.
  • If there is no valid license available – then Morphic will not install or activate the assistive technology for the user.

How do I know what code is being placed on my institution's machines?

  • Morphic is open source. All institutions are given a copy they can evaluate. They can also go to our public archive and see the code directly.

What resources or staff time will this require?

  • Installing the Free Enterprise version of Morphic takes very little effort. It is a simple .msi (on Windows ) or pkg (on macOS) file that is designed for mass deployment from a central location.
  • It takes seconds to install on an SSD machine; a bit longer on a spinning disk.
  • If the enterprise wants custom buttons, then a simple JSON file is also installed that lists which buttons should be added to the basic MorphicBar.
  • If the enterprise wants extra capabilities or wants to link Morphic into the institution’s SSO, etc. then additional effort may be needed depending on what exactly they want.

What does Morphic require from the IT department?

  • Deciding which extra buttons the institution wants on their MorphicBar
  • Installing Morphic and the config.json file on each computer
  • Applying updates from time to time.

What level and kinds of support can the Morphic team provide my institution and IT department?

  • For the Free Enterprise installations of Morphic
    • We rely on the institution to provide level 1 user support if they are using the Free Enterprise version of Morphic.
    • Morphic provides level 2 support to the level 1 support personnel at the enterprise – and provides all technical support for any bugs.
  • For PAID Enterprise installations of Morphic
    • The level of support to both individual users at the institution and to the institution’s support staff is determined as part of the contract.

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