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Is Morphic free? Or is there a cost for some aspects?

  • The basic features of Morphic are free and will remain free.
  • The Plus subscription for Morphic is currently free. In the future, there will be a monthly or annual cost for the subscription. The cost is not yet determined since it will be somewhat offset by sponsors. However, it will not cost more than a couple of lattes (fancy coffees) per month.
  • Free Enterprise installations are of course free.
  • The cost of Full Paid Enterprise installations depends on the specific features, functions and support desired.

I want a Morphic Plus subscription but I can’t afford it. Is there any way I can get it?

  • You can sign up for our Early Release Program and, for a limited time, get Morphic Plus free for life.
  • After that, we intend to have a program where people can get free sponsored subscriptions who otherwise could not afford it.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

  • Yes. You can get a refund at any time.

What do we get for free and what costs money? If we want JAWS, Zoomtext, Read & Write (for example) to be available on all of our computers would there be a cost?

  • The best way to see a full list of the free basic features of Morphic and a Free Enterprise installation is to visit the Compare Features page on this Morphic website.
  • However, a brief summary would be:
    • Free features
      • The basic features of Morphic that are free for everyone include:
        • Eight 1-click features on the MorphicBar plus more in the Morphic menu
        • An auto-personalization feature that allows anyone with saved settings (usability/accessibility and AT settings), or who has a custom MorphicBar to be able to use them on any computer with Morphic installed on it.
      • Free Enterprise installations provide all the features above plus the ability to add 3 additional buttons to the MorphicBar selected by the enterprise.
      • The first 5000 people signing up for our Morphic Early Feedback program can get the Plus Subscription for Morphic free of charge – for life.
        • The Plus subscription allows you to create custom MorphicBars for yourself or for others.
    • Features that have a cost
      • The Plus subscription – will have a cost (aside from the first 5000 people who sign up for the feedback program who will get it free for life as noted above). The cost for the subscription after that has not been determined since it is affected by the level of sponsorship we have in place when the grant ends. But it will be less than the cost of a couple of lattes a month.
      • Installation on Demand (IoD) – does not have a cost to the person who uses it. But there will be a cost for an organization to offer IoD. The cost mostly consists of the cost for the assistive technology licenses for the commercial AT installed. (We do not install and activate any commercial AT that is not paid for.)
      • Special IT dept configurations. – If an IT department wants to host Morphic itself, or integrate Morphic with their single sign on, or other special configuration – then there may be costs depending on what is desired.

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