FAQ Category: Benefits of Morphic for Different Groups

How can Morphic help people with different disabilities?

  • This question is too long to answer here. Check out our website pages https://morphic.org. They are constantly being updated with new stories of the ways in which Morphic is helping people with different types, degrees, and combinations of disabilities.

Note: If you have a story about how Morphic has helped you – please send it to us by emailing info@morphic.org. We can keep it to ourselves or post it with or without your name. But we are always interested in hearing about the new ways people have found to use Morphic.


Can Morphic benefit someone who is deaf-blind?

  • Yes. Morphic could be used to configure a public computer for people who are deaf-blind. For example, for any of us who have our computer set up the way we wanted, we can use Morphic to capture the accessibility, usability, and assistive technology settings on our computer. We can then go to a public computer that has Morphic installed, and have that computer be set up just like our personal computer. If that public site also supports Morphic’s installation on demand, then any assistive technologies we need could be automatically downloaded to that computer including drivers for a Braille display (if a person had one with them).
  • Morphic could also be useful in the workplace. If the company supports Morphic’s instant-setup function, they could use this feature to set up the office computer to be just like a person’s home computer.
  • They (or another person helping them) can create custom MorphicBars with just the features that they need, or commonly use, so that they have easy 1-click access to them.


Can Morphic help individuals who use alternate hardware devices to access their computer such as switches or a braille display?

  • Yes. Morphic cannot deliver hardware on demand of course — but if a person brings their adaptive hardware with them, sites or computers that have Morphic’s Installation on Demand (IoD) feature enabled could have Morphic install the drivers and software needed to work with that adapter switch, braille display, etc.
    • For example, someone might bring a special switch to the library – Morphic could download and install the drivers for that switch including any software to go with it (as long as it was in our list of supported software – which is constantly expanding).
    • Or if someone brings a braille display to the library, Morphic could automatically install the necessary drivers in order for the braille display to work.
  • We are constantly looking at new pieces of assistive technology (software and hardware) that can be supported with Morphic. If you have a piece of AT that you would like to use Morphic with, send an email to support@morphic.org to see if we already support it or can add support for your assistive technology.

Has this been tested on apps for people with autism – such as apps with prompts?

  • Morphic can turn many apps on and off and configure their settings, including apps for people with autism. If you have one that you would like to use Morphic with, send an email to support@morphic.org to see if we already support it or can add support for your assistive technology.
  • Morphic also has a new feature that will be out this Fall called Focus that can be used by people who have trouble focusing. This feature can block interruptions and apps at times when a person is trying to focus.

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