FAQ Category: Accessibility and Assistive Technologies

What is Assistive Technology or AT?

  • AT stands for Assistive Technology.
  • An assistive technology is any technology that a person with a disability uses to carry out some task that a person without a disability would not need technology to accomplish.
  • Some technologies act as both assistive technologies and regular technologies at the same time. For example, a smartphone may be used as an ordinary smartphone by a person who is blind but may also be the way they see, identify things in their environment, and navigate through a building.

What assistive technology do I have access to through Morphic? Does Morphic work with all assistive technologies?

  • Morphic works with a wide variety of assistive technology software programs.
  • The list of software that will work with Morphic is constantly expanding as we work with AT manufacturers to “on board” their software.
  • If you are interested in whether a particular piece of software will work with Morphic, please write to info@morphic.org

Does Morphic add any accessibility features to my computer, or does it only take advantage of built in or installed AT?

  • Morphic does a mixture of these.
    • Morphic makes already existing accessibility features on your computer easier to find and use.
    • Morphic can install, launch and configure 3rd party assistive technologies.
    • Morphic adds a few new capabilities where they would not otherwise be available. For example a “Read Selected” feature for Windows that works with all programs and a much simpler, easy to use “Focus” feature.

What do we get for free and what costs money? If we want JAWS, Zoomtext, Read & Write (for example) to be available on all of our computers, would there be a cost?

Will my specific accessibility settings be saved every time I use my computer?

Is Morphic keyboard accessible?

  • Yes. Morphic is keyboard accessible. It can be fully operated from the keyboard.

Does Morphic interfere with keyboard accessibility?

  •  No, Morphic does not interfere with your ability to access any other part of your computer using your keyboard.

How can I quickly access dictation or other accessibility features not included in the MorphicBasic bar?

  • You can quickly access features not included in the MorphicBasic bar by right clicking the Morphic icon on the bar or in the tray and selecting “More settings to make the computer easier”.

How might Morphic help our site in making assistive technology (AT) available?

  • With Morphic Installation on Demand (IoD), you can have all of the assistive technologies that Morphic supports be available on any and all of your computers — on demand. That is, you can have it so that your students, patrons, or employees could sit down at any of the computers and the assistive technologies they need would show up on that computer and be configured for them. This would provide true digital equity for the first time for assistive technology users.

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