FAQ Category: About Us and Morphic’s Origins

Where did Morphic come from?

  • Morphic was created by an international consortium of people and organizations working together.
  • Morphic draws from many earlier research projects at the IDRC at OCAD University in Toronto, at the Trace Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a multitude of European partners.
  • The final development was overseen by the Trace R&D Center at the University of Maryland and Raising the Floor, a non-profit organization that is now hosting Morphic and making it available.
  • For more information see About Us.

Who contributed to the development of Morphic and its technologies?

Why was Morphic created?

  • Our mission with Morphic is to help make personal computers easier to use. We believe that everyone, including both those with disabilities as well as those who simply find today’s technology too confusing or difficult, should be able to access the many benefits computers have to offer.

How is Morphic funded?

Who are your development partners?

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