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Text size

Sometimes you want all of the text on screen to be larger. Morphic’s Text Size uses the screen scaling built into the operating system to enlarge EVERYTHING on screen. Every window, every menu, every dialog box etc. in every application and website.

If you have good eyesight, you can also make things smaller to give you a larger work area.

Just click on the + or – key and the screen will get larger or smaller. Different computers will provide more or fewer size steps.


If you just need to magnify a part of the screen, the magnifier will provide you with a quick ‘magnifying glass’ that will move around the screen following your mouse.

If you want a larger magnification, or you want a different type of magnifier you can RIGHT-CLICK on either magnifier button and select “Settings”. This will open up the magnifier settings on your computer and let you set up whatever kind of magnifier you wish. After that, the Show / Hide buttons will turn that magnifier on and off for you.


The Snip tool lets you take a “picture” of part or all of your screen. Simply click the COPY button under SNIP and the select the part of the screen you want to copy.

You can then PASTE it into an email or document or anyplace else you can paste pictures. (You will find a PASTE command in the EDIT menu in your programs. It will also show you keyboard shortcuts for pasting.)

Read Selected

There are many uses for this tool. Is the text too small? Do you want something read to you while you do something else? Do you have trouble reading?

Just select the text in almost any application, and then hit the Play/Stop button. It will read the text aloud to you. Click the Play/Stop button again to stop it.

You can change the speed of the speech or the voice used to read to you by RIGHT-CLICKING on the Play/Stop button and selecting “Settings”. This will open the computer’s speech settings. (On the Mac there is also a pop up that shows when reading that allows you to change the speed and pause and restart the reading).


The Contrast button turns the contrast on and off. Click to turn it on. Click again to turn it off.

If you RIGHT-CLICK the contrast button and select “Settings” you can change the contrast to the settings you like. The Contrast button will then turn that type of contrast on and off for you.

On Windows – Microsoft has provided several different types of contrast – as well as the ability for you to define your own high or low contrast settings. (Some people find it easier to read with lower or very low contrast)

Color Vision

Approximately 1 of every 12 males (1 in 200 women) have color vision differences (color blindness). This can cause trouble when information is color coded since two different colors can look the same. The color vision feature allows you to shift the colors using filters so that colors will be different instead of the same.

The Color button turns the Color Vision filter on and off. Click to turn it on. Click again to turn it off.

There are 3 different types of color vision differences. RIGHT-CLICK on the Color button and select settings to open the control panel and choose your type of color blindness.

Dark Mode

The operating system and some applications have a DARK MODE where things are mostly light lettering on a dark background instead of dark lettering on light.

The Dark button turns the Dark Mode on and off. Click to turn it on. Click again to turn it off.

If you RIGHT-CLICK the Dark button and select “Settings” you can change other Dark Mode settings.

Night Mode

Night mode or ‘Night lite” causes the screen to shift from a blue -white color to a yellower color or tint that some people find more relaxing or easier on their eyes. It is also said to make it easier to fall asleep if looking at the screen before bed.

The Night button turns the Night Mode on and off. Click to turn it on. Click again to turn it off.

If you RIGHT-CLICK the Night button and select “Settings” you can change the amount of yellow (or lack of blue-white) in the night mode.

Save and Change/Apply Setups

With Morphic you can save the setup of your computer (the important accessibility and usability settings) and then apply that setup to another computer to make it easy to use that computer.

When you are done, you can change the computer back to the way it was.
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