Blocklists are lists of programs or websites that you would like to have blocked so that you cannot use them during your focus sessions.

There are a number of premade blocklists included with the Morphic Focus Tool that you can choose from.  You can also edit any of these blocklists to better match your needs.  You can also create your own blocklists.

Once a blocklists is made, you can use it in a spontaneous Focus session (just click on the Focus button on the MorphicBar and click a length of time you would like to focus)  –  OR – you can attach a blocklists to any scheduled focus session.

In addition to selecting which websites, programs, and features you want blocked, you can also decide whether you would like to have the blocked items unblocked during breaks or not.

You can also make it hard to for you to stop a focus session once it has been stared if you find that makes it easier to stay focused.